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Nikon SB-800 with AD200


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No replies from anyone that's actually tried it, by the look of it Mark.


All I can say is that the SU800 uses optical triggering, and it appears that the Godox AD200 requires its own dedicated radio trigger for TTL operation, used as on-camera master. However, there's an additional hotshoe on top of the Godox trigger, which might well take the SU-800 to fire your SB-800.


But the short answer is that I have no idea if this combination will work, or do what you want.


Personally, my experience with Nikon's i-TTL system triggered optically has been less than inspiring. Downright disappointing and frustrating more like. And anyway, when I'm using a multi-flash lighting setup I rarely need TTL control.


Just get the ratio of your lights how you want them and it's pretty much a 'set and forget' situation, using full manual control of the camera exposure. Simple radio triggers then suffice, and reliability is 100% - barring a rare battery failure in a trigger.

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I think it would have significant shutter lag as each flash has to fire a preflash in sequence for the camera to compute the lighting before the actual exposure can happen.

There's certainly a measurable delay. I tried to capture the CLS/AWL sequence on a digital storage 'scope, and had to scroll across quite a few screens to get from the pre-flash, through the communication 'morse code' to get to the actual exposing flash.


In real time though, it's not too noticeable. Not half as bad as using Nikon's red-eye reduction, where you might as well set the self timer as try to capture the moment.

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