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Has anyone ever used this?


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Appears to be an add-on for the S2/S2A camera.


Here's a video of one correctly(?) hooked up, but I don't think he demonstrates how to use it.


This site 「Zenza BRONICA TTL Exposure meter」ブロニカS2用TTLメーターを付けてみた。 - 航海日誌=虚弱庵別館 documents using it, but the page is in Japanese... Browser translation produces something mostly usable.

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Language barriers aside, a bigger problem may be the accuracy of this meter. I have seen them from 35years ago and even when new they tended to suffer some drift and decay. Have it professionally tested and calibrated before committing it to serious use.

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Relist it and hope a crazed Bronica S series collector bites. Use the cash for a modern handheld meter. Done!


Immediate problem, apart from sketchy accuracy--assuming it works at all--is the battery, which looks to be a mercury PX625. No longer available. Sure, there are hacks but is this really any more than a retro fashion statement?

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