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Hello from old-school amateur

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I'm a little bit nervous about posting on this forum, even after 35 years in photography (film, wet darkroom, digital and 3 years learning film photography at college). I still have a lot to learn, as I'm embarrassingly reminded sometimes.


Currently have:


Lonsdale Brothers (British) mahogany half-plate field camera, about 1895, Fujinon W 135mm f5.6 in Copal 1, shoot on 4x5

Mackenstein (French) Walnut 18x24cm tailboard, about 1900, Rodenstock Sironar-N 240mm f5.6 in Copal 3

RB67 Pro S with 65mm f4.5 Sekor C

Canon EF with 28mm f3.5 & 135mm f2.5

Fuji S9500

Nikon D70

Nikon D100 x2

Nikon D5000 x2

Nikon 18-70 kit lens x2

Nikon 18-55 VR

Canon EOS 10D x4

Sigma EF 17-50 f2.8 OS


& Gandolfi Minor tripod - carries everything, although the huge "Big Mac" wobbles a bit due to weight.


...so not much variety there then...

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