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I have asked still need an answer. I have a profile photo I like. How I remove the image around it


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What you can do is upload a “blank photo” and set that as the cover photo. I’ve just uploaded the following image and used it to set my cover photo




This works as described. To add a cover photo, the photo must by one of the photos in your gallery. Since my gallery was empty, when I clicked on add new cover photo, the message said you have no photos. I added the same photo that Norman used. Then I was able to use that image in add cover photo.


This entire thread is frustrating. It began as a question about a profile photo (forum avatar) and turned into a cover photo discussion and the OP wanted to “change” it. When others explained that changing, removing, editing, etc. either photo required deleting the active photo and replacing it with a modified version or a different photo, the OP said he did not want to delete the current photo.


He may know what he wants, but I still haven’t figured it out. o_O

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setting a new cover image (or replacing existing one) is easy


Step 1: Go to Portfolio>Photos off main menu (upper left)




Step 2: Go to the photo you want set as your cover photo and select "settings" - choose "set cover photo"



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