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Vivitar Series 1 600mm f8 solid catadioptric telephoto lens


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One lens that seems to have been a little overlooked in this thread is the little Tamron Adaptall II SP 500mm Catadioptic (Model 55b). Using Mangin mirrors in it's construction, at 87mm in length it's only 3 mm longer than the Vivitar and, weighing in at 575g, it's considerably lighter than the Vivitar at 1360g. As it focuses down to a handy 1.7m I use it extensively on my Sony A7-series full-frame digital cameras for botanical photography; I increase the ISO until I can hand-hold the rig at 1/1000th and the results can be quite striking. I'll post an image I took this afternoon of the Everlasting Sweetpea (Lathyrus Latifolius) in bloom. But first, a diagram of the construction, courtesy Adaptall-2.com






Lathyrus Latifolius



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One lens that seems to have been a little overlooked in this thread


Not overlooked, just not on the topic of the Vivitar solid cat.

As for me personally, I'm still thinking that over a dozen catadioptric lenses may be enough for one person.:oops:

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Maybe we need a thread on mirror lenses in general.

I think we only have 2; the Vivitar solid cat and the Sigma mirror threads.

Now that I've started my collection (of 3), I'm getting into the subject of mirror lenses.


Maybe I should get a Nikon mount for my wife's 5 inch reflector telescope ;)

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Thank you for all the valuable information! I found this post after a friend recently gave me one of these lenses, with the filters and case. Apparently her father was a private investigator in New York City, and used this lens as part of a counterfeiter sting in Chinatown in the 1980s.


Just for fun, I adapted it to fit my Canon C100 MkII video camera. You can see the results here:


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