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Ye with little faith


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I have been a member for over ten years. Forgive me because after years of learning and making friends here I have strayed and lost faith in photonet. This was sad because I have learned a lot even though I once owned my own photo business abd worked professonaly. After being a doubter I am coming to believe the new version may help to sustain the site that I earlier thought was failing. I think the site needs some work but it is on the right track. The most appealing facet of PN IMO is the facility to cross talk and become familiar with other members. I find I am just a number on the larger sites I belong to. I have been very comfortable on this site over the years. So I am regaining interest here and hope PN survives. Perhaps "I was once lost but now I am found"..
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Hi Dick, and congratulations on your safe trip on the road to Damascus... :p


Some days I feel that I have been here on PN far too long. Since 2004 under my given name and the last couple years as PapaTango. Prior to that it was a number of years under "Pragmatist." A lot of water and BS have passed under the PN bridge in that time... :rolleyes:


I liked the last version of PN. It was functional, compact, and full-featured in a way that led to critical engagement with both content and photographers. It was also a platform written entirely upon custom dinosaur code that was not only nearly impossible to update--but represented all manner of security risks and holes. No one likes to surrender the comfortable and familiar--especially for an 'adventure' in everything one does not rationally do when developing web properties. And I say that in an unbiased manner--as I develop web properties as part of how I feed myself...


Now that the bulk of the bugs have been driven out of Xenforo (the platform this forum runs on), we have a fully functional conversation platform that is very nice and relatively easy to use. I spend what time at PN here on this side of things--where I can shower everyone with the pearls of wisdom that drip from my lips--and engage in snarky criticisms of whatever about this place is irritating my backside on a particular day. :cool:


As to the "front side graphical end?" I am doing my best to stay the hell away from it. At some point, all will be well, most will be happy, and others will scratch their mad spot and get glad. For all the discussion about commenting, rating, ranking, critique--the part I miss the most are the set of photos that used to live at the bottom of each thread--inviting people to look at the work of those posting in that thread. It is possible to do this again--but the front needs to be fixed and functional--and whomever has been hired from the "Institute of Web Design & Tire Retreading" learn how to do it... :eek: (There. I got my snarky comment in!)


So, I will stick in the mix. Someday I will upload a lot of new images--reflecting significant changes in my approach to photography and digital darkroom interpretation. But that is not looking to be soon. Someday...


In the meantime, as they say in AA, "Keep coming back. It works if you work it..."o_O


BTW, does my use of emoticons drive everyone crazy? I hope so! :)

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