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Do you have an Icarex 35S? I need info to 3D print a battery cover!

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I just dug up an Icarex 35S BM from my German granpa's attic and everything seems to work fine but the battery cover is broken. I want to 3D print a new battery cover but I can't find information on what this cover looks like.


All I have are small broken pieces of the cover. I can draw and print it at my school but I need a reference to know what to draw!


If you have one I would be very appreciated if you could post photos so I have something to refer to. I need as much detail as possible, a couple close up photos should be enough.


Thanks in advance, it is what I chose to keep as a souvenir from him so I hope I can fix it up.


*In the photo is the space for the battery and the two broken pieces of the battery cover that I have





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<p>Your camera unit may be an earlier unit; but battery cap should still be the same.


<p>Sorry for the lint on the battery cap.


<p>I'm particularly proud of the still intact "West German" rubber eyecup...

P1010628.JPG.a728c322995cb5320714802f6264bcbb.JPG P1010634.JPG.74644982295f587e1f0cf52c349977e8.JPG P1010635.JPG.a71d68638f2052795072df431150c9ea.JPG P1010636.JPG.148f8d1d03af156a1b011435a1becc2a.JPG P1010637.JPG.f921581e88242038d7a0d061aa1b76cf.JPG

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The problem with the battery cap for the 35S is that it really does rely on some internal pressure from a battery to lock into place. With no battery inserted the fit is loose enough for the cap to simply drop out so it is easily lost. I don't use the built in meter of my 35S so I've had to resort to a small piece of tape over the cap to prevent it going AWOL. If you have a 35S with the original cap intact I would probably recommend a bit of tape anyway if you wish to retain it, because it's hardly the most secure of designs.
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