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Gemflex TLR

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Gemflex is a subminiature TLR camera made by Showa Optical Works Ltd in Occupied Japan.<br/>


Film paper backed 17.5mm HIT type film<br/>


Frame size 14 x 14mm 10 exposure<br/>


Lens: GEM 25mm F3.5 fix focus lens<br/>


Swallow mechanical shutter: B, 1/25,1/50,1/100<br/>


Aperture control 3.5,5.6,8, 11<br/>












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The HIT roll film which comes with the camera, is not reuseable due to the age of the film. When unroll the film to retrieve the

backing paper, the paper cracks.


Hence any attempt of using the old HIT film backing by attaching a new film is bound to fail. Further, 17.5mm is

such an unpopular format now, that film holder for scanning , film slitter, and 17.5 mm developement reel are also problematic.


It may be possible to use unperforated 16mm film without any backing in Gemflex. The Gemflex supply spool and take up spool has a slot

for insertion of paper lead, this sliot can be used to insert 16mm film leader and trailler.


The red color peephole at the camera back is used for monitoring the frame number on the back of the paper backing. When view against the light source, this red window may leaks light even wihen the slider iof the window is close. Hence to use unback film

this red window must be masked over with thick black ahersive tape.

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