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Minolta XG-1 shutter locks open


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Hello people,


I hope somebody can help me with this problem. When I fire the

camera (Minolta XG-1), the shutter locks open. The only way to

unlock it is to turn off the camera.


Here is what I've observed.


1) This only happens in automatic mode, when using the camera's

shutter release button

2) The meter reading is noisy

3) The behaviour is sporadical, but this ruins the current frame and

sometimes the adjacent ones

4) The only solution I've found so far is to use the meter but fire

with a remote shutter release. The camera never locks with a remote

shutter release. I still would like to use the camera shutter release


Any sugestion on this? I have the service manual and will try to

repair it myself. Any hint on this problem will be really





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I forgot to add some more data. The reason I want to try to repair it myself is that the camera is old and taking it to a shop is too expensive. I already have the service manual and tried with a spare, not-working, XG-1 body. No problems at all.


The contacts are easy to reach and clean, but the shutter release circuit (flex circuit under metal plate) is difficult to reach. I also don't understand how the meter reading works. I believe it is not pressure based. If you just touch slightly the release button, the meter works. I believe that it senses touch electronically, but still this does not explain the noisy reading...


I hope I can find a solution, this is the best camera I've ever had and would regret if I have to get another one.




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Thanks Antony for the tip. The shutter release circuitry is the hardest to reach, the metal base plate is big and difficult to take appart. I will try to reach it and clean the contacts.


Now that you tell me this, I can also try to replace the foam that damps the mirror slap. Maybe I can reduce the jarring and help the camera to operate smoothly.




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I'm having the same problem with my XG1. Almost every time the exposure time goes down to 1/500 or 1/1000, the shutter just stays open. I don't have a service manual, but I have tried opening the camera. Unfortunately one of the screws seems to be locked up and I have already broke two screwdrivers! :(


Please let us know if you find a solution to this problem and if it can really be solved by cleaning the contacts!


Thanks, Mathias

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