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Shinano Pigeon 35 film camera

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I have a Shinano Pigeon 35 camera that belonged to a distant relative that was given to me.<br>

The camera and case are in A+++++ mint condition. ( Fairly rare?)<br>

The film advance knob will not turn and the shutter release button is also locked up. (film release button on the top side of the camera with the R marking has no effect).<br>

I am able to cock the shutter manually and trip it by using a shutter cable that screws onto the lens frame.<br>

All shutter speeds and all the dials work great on the lens.<br>

I'm thinking if I can open the camera - I probably would be able to play with the film advance sprocket and release the jammed film knob that advances the film and reset the shutter button. The problem is that for the life of me I cannot figure how to open the camera to access the film compartment. there is a knob on the bottom of the camera that rotates from left to right - with arrows pointing to O=open / C=close. I put it in the unlock position, but I don't see any way of opening it. There is also what appears to be a stationary pin in the 12:00 position next to the knob - it will not depress, thought it might be a release?. <br>

Your help would be greatly appreciated - there is very very little information on the internet and no instruction manual to be found anywhere. I would love to see this beautiful camera working again.<br>

Thank you & have a great day!<br>


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<p>When you rotate the bottom knob to the open position, try sliding the back of the camera straight down...some Japanese cameras from the 1950s worked this way rather than having a hinged back.</p>
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<p>Here's the latest update people.<br /> Removed top film knobs and removed the whole top cover to expose the gears. Cleaned and lubricated all gears and bushings. Camera works perfectly - I now have a very nice collectable old camera that puts a smile on my face.<br /> Regarding my distant relative, well he's six feet under and gone to a better place called heaven.<br /> Any additional information on the Shinano Pigeon 35 camera would still be appreciated. <br /> Thanks again,</p>
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<p>The Pigeon is rather uncommon. The name on the lens ring does not inspire confidence(grin). Tri-Lausar! That is the name that comes to my distant memory, camera is long gone from my collection. Have fun with the camera and frankly the lens should perform quite well being a triplet.</p>
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