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Which way does your lens rotate?

NK Guy

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<p> Hi, folks!<br>

I'm working on a writeup on camera lenses, and wanted to run this by everybody. Different camera makers make their lenses do different things when you rotate the zoom or focus rings. (or aperture ring for that matter) Could you help me by confirming the following?</p>

<p>From what I can tell, turning a lens ring clockwise, when you look at the camera from the back or photographer's side, does the following:</p>

<p>Focus: infinity to near. Canon, Olympus, Sony.<br>

Focus: near to infinity: Nikon, Pentax.</p>

<p>Zoom: wide to long. Canon, Olympus.<br>

Zoom: long to wide: Nikon, Pentax, Sony.</p>

<p>Does this match up to what you have? Thanks!</p>

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<p>He's way ahead of you William. :)<br>

All Nikon manual focus lenses are as you state, Nikon also made single ring push/pull zoom lenses.<br>

Pentax 645 manual focus lenses rotate clockwise to infinity from the rear, same as Nikon. <br>

Nikon mount lenses from other makers vary.<br>

This is slightly more interesting than updating a film inventory. :)</p>

<p> </p>

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<p>Do you hang the paper over the roll or have it feed from the back and down?</p>

<p>Does water in toilets in the southern hemisphere really spin the other way when they flush?</p>

<p>Big end or little end?</p>

<p>Life is ha-ard.</p>

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<p>I only shoot film, and one reason I use Nikon, Pentax and Bronica gear is that their lenses and aperture rings all turn the same way, making switching from one to another very simple. The Bronica lenses even mount the same way as the Nikon lenses, possibly a legacy of having Nikon as their original lens supplier.</p>
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<p>A few of my lenses for various cameras turning a lens ring clockwise</p>

<p>Focus: infinity to near. Schneider Kreuzach, Meyer-Gorlitz Telemegor 5.5/400, Westrogon, Rodenstock-Eurygon</p>

<p> <br />Focus: near to infinity: Meyer-Gorlitz Oreston 1.8:50, Exakta 75-300mm zoom 4:4.5-5.6 (zoom push-pull)</p>

<p>I really hadn’t thought about it until I read this post.<br>

As an aside, my Exaktas VX, VXiia, 2b, VX 500, and VX1000 are all left handed cameras.<br>

My Exakta TTL and RTL 100 can be used either right or left.<br>

My Canons and Minoltas are right handed.</p>


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<p>Yes, I understood your point straight away. :) My focussing these days is slower due to my being long-sighted (and even with a correction lens, the viewfinder isn't pin sharp). I turn the focussing ring, the view goes even further out of focus because I've forgotten which camera I'm using, and by the time I've turned it back the other way, the shot is lost. And yes, Donald, the same applies to bayonet mounts! :)</p>


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