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<p>Trying to get a new computer up to speed and when I attempted to download some software I purchased frm pixel genius I have had issues with my serial number. It is correct as it has been used before, however, now it isn't working.</p>

<p>I attempted to email their support team using the email listed on the website that contained the downloads, but it bounces back. <br>

Anyone know if they are still in business?</p>

<p>Thanks iin advance</p>

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<p>From the PG support page:</p>



<p><strong>Note:</strong> PixelGenius does not offer live phone support. Please contact Tech Support via the e-mail form above. We normally respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. Important: When you send e-mail to Tech Support, please make sure that you allow return e-mails from pixelgenius.com in any anti-spam software you use. <strong>Tech Support cannot respond to spam blocker</strong></p>


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<p>Just to be clear, according to PG Tech Support, nothing from you (your name in any form) has been received from PG Tech Support. So it's not at all clear if you've ever successfully sent any emails to PG Tech Support. You might want to try again from scratch...we do take Tech Support issues seriously but only if Tech Support actually gets informed of the issues...</p>
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