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Omega 120 USN


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<p>I found an Simmons Borthers Omega 120 the other day at the flea market. Very interesting camera and I was pleasantly surprised to find USN and a second serial number molded into the side after I got it home. Even more interesting was that there was a roll of film still loaded in it, which only became apparent after I shot the last few frames of it which allowed me to open the back.</p>

<p>My problem is that now that the film is used I can't figure out how to get it or the original film spool out. It appears that the top has two knobs that might need to be pulled up in order to release the spools, but they won't budge. I have not tried very hard because I am afraid of damaging it.</p>

<p>The body has slight signs of the kind of corrosion you might find on something that has been near sea water so it is possible the pins are frozen.</p>

<p>Does anyone have one of these that may know if I am missing some hidden trick?</p>

<p>Thank you in advance.</p>

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<p>The only feature that Simmon Omega shares with Rapid Omega and KoniOmega is push pull film advance and Simmon Omega made in Long Island City NY USA only makes (9) exposures 6x7 on 120 roll film. By the way the lens is Omicron made by Wollensak and out of every 10 samples it was said that Simmon Bros. rejected 6 out of ten, so the ones they used were renamed Omicron. I've had this camera for years and the results are among the finest of my medium format stable. The pins that release the spools should move freely. A drop of naptha (ronsonol) should free them. Be careful with the plastic folding lens cap it breaks easily. Should that happen a conventional lens cap is a satisfactory replacement.</p>
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<p>Thank you Paul. So it is the two small knobs on top that should release, right?<br /><br />The lens cap is great. The camera seems to functioning fine. I'm amazed at how crisp the shutter and aperture blades are.</p>

<p>I just can get the roll of film out. I will try the ronsonol. Thanks for the tip.</p>

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