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Grayscale profile for R2400


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<p>I've been printing color on my R2400 using Epson's profiles for some time. Now I'm beginning to dabble with b/w printing.</p>

<p>I came across this article about a grayscale profile which suggests the ability to produce neutral prints using ABW and without a RIP.</p>


<p>Then I came across this custom profile, which may be the grayscale profile described in the article.</p>


<p>If you have a similar workflow using a grayscale profile, or have used this custom profile, please comment with your experience.</p>

<p> </p>

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<p>If you have a ColorMunki or i1 Pro spectro you can prepare your own ABW profiles using Roy Harrington's QTR program. It is pretty straight forward and there are some good web resources explaining how to use it. I have a 3880 and have used Eric Chan's profiles as Michael notes and they work well also. He can make profiles for your printer if you just print out the patch set.</p>
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<p>you can also print withotu a profile when using ABW.. i do it all the time with many different paper and the result is fantastic.</p>

<p>In Photoshop, select Adobe RGB as your Printer Profile, then in the Epson driver select ABW, custom, in the little box beside the color wheel, enter 3 and 3.. try it..</p>

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<p>agree with you Robert.. but honestly, i rarely softproof, or feel the need for it. Having my monitor calibrated every 3weeks, having a workplace well balanced and using (for me) 2-3 kind of paper.. what i see is what i get 95% of the time.. the other 5% is a minor twaek i could need because what i see when printed. The rare occasion where i need to softproof are more when working with CMYK file for my client before delivery to the commercial printer (having the setting to softproof with)</p>

<p>Sometime, i feel that people read too much stuff on the web, or have friend that think they now much.. and feel kind of lost with all this digital era.. when in reality it is way more simple that it use to be before.</p>

<p>monitor calibrated / good balanced workplace / good printer and you should be able to get amazing print all the time.</p>

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