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35mm film vs 5DII - Low light performance

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<p>The next post:</p>

<p>I have shot Velvia 50, Ektar 100, Portra 160NC, Portra 400, Tmax 100, Tmax 400 and a 40D; alongside each other in different arrays of natural and studio lighting conditions.</p>

<p>The following post will also serve as a reference for me (and others) on hoe each film reproduces color comparatively.</p>

<p>There will be a twist and a surprise too.</p>

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<p>"In my case, most of my prints are large for display and that is the reason fine details are important to me."</p>

<p>That's precisely why I care about resolution. If I do go to make a print, I enjoy 16x24's of my landscapes.</p>

<p>Recently I made a 13x19 of a 35mm Velvia 50 scan (on an Imacon, 80MP scan which, yes, is overkill but not entirely unnecessary given Nyquist sampling theorem) & one of a 5D ISO 100 shot (12MP). All input sharpened, then sharpened for content, then print sharpened. While the 5D print looks so clean that from a distance one could confuse it for MF film, up close the details in leaves of faraway trees is lost in the 5D but retained in the 35mm Velvia shot. But, then again, some film grain is retained as well in the latter upon close inspection.</p>

<p>Additionally, one should remember that Fuji's own rating of Velvia 50 rates it at an equivalent of 22MP at best (highest contrast subject) & 5.5MP at worse (lowest contrast subject). Digital has much less of a drop-off with subject contrast & therefore, combined with its low noise, sometimes shows higher acutance. So often some subjectivity is introduced even into objective tests.</p>

<p>In the end, both are great prints & completely presentable. A matter of preference, really. Excellent results can be obtained by both mediums when used properly.</p>

<p>Still, I thoroughly enjoy objective tests b/c they give one an idea of what to expect. Though this particular thread, IMHO, does not represent an objective film vs. digital test, that's not to say Mauro hasn't done some thorough objective testing <a href="00Rb8S">here</a> & <a href="00RV7N">here</a>. I look forward to your next test, Mauro.</p>


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