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Alternative 250 Watt bulb for White Lighting x1600

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<p>I need to replace the modeling light in my White Lightning x1600. However when I went to order it from the web site it was $19 plus $9.50 for shipping. I really don't think I need to pay 30 buck for a light bulb. I know they last 3000 hours, but does anyone have a good alternative bulb I can find locally. Calumet sells one made by Photogenic it is also $29 bucks looking for something cheaper. Will a regular old $4 250 watt bulb found at the supermarket work?<br>


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<p><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.replacementlightbulbs.com/lampjdd120v250wf.html" target="_blank">JDD 120V 250W Frost Light Bulb, Replacement Lamp</a><br />I have never used this company</p>


<p>Perfect Raymond. This looks just like the buld from White Lighting at a MUCH lower price. I don't care if I have to replace it more often I will have another $4 in two months :-).<br>


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