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POW 9-27-09


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<p>Thank you Dave H, Trevor N., Howard, and Nick for your kind words.<br /> To answer Nick’s query, the original was in color but with the lighting so bright and overhead (as Howard picked up on) the most satisfying was to go with a duotone-like treatment in Lightroom. The clouds were better contrasted. And yep you’re seeing 14,400 ft of dormant volcano taken from 5900 ft.<br /> <br /> Bob Marz, Nice feeling and colors to Acadian Sunset 2. Real sharp too. The Band’s Acadian Driftwood song immediately came to mind.<br /> <br /> Camus, Tulip Artist is so colorful and a nice idea. I’d boost the brightness a bit and cut the contrast a wee bit.<br /> <br /> Robert B, that snake picture has made me smile every time I see it. Great bokeh and colors.<br /> <br /> Robert C, that second shot is outstanding. Great patterns and perspective, but my favorite part is the vertical shadow in front of the rower. Very cool. Probably my favorite. Even if it was taken with another brand :)<br /> <br /> David E, Blue Bells is rendered very nicely. Great colors, especially of the flowers and the weathered green background. Lighting is intriguing too.<br /> <br /> Dave H. That first ‘schroom shot is wonderful. On my faves list. The color, lighting, and overall texture are knockouts. Did you arrange the fungi that way? If you did, you did a great job, if not you knew where and how to shoot them. Kudos.<br /> <br /> Peter Z, fox is cool. I’ve only encountered one in the wild and another running down shore birds on a Seattle beach at dawn. Watching Me is a textbook shot, you could make a postcard of it for sale. What an intense look!<br /> <br /> Frank B., Beautiful, gallery-level photograph. The scan holds up well.<br /> <br /> Javier, saw the second one on your site. It is an outstanding shot, you should get it published somewhere.<br /> <br /> ME</p>
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<p>Went to the coast this weekend, it was very nice had a great time, but very windy!<br>

These pictures were taken at Florence, Oregon - at the South Jetty.<br>

All pictures were done with a K110D and a Kalimar 80-210 MF push/pull lens.</p>


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<p>Jack: I take a curmudgeonly dim view of the activity in #2 but it's a very nice shot. Maybe crop out the darkness at the very bottom?<br>

Michael: Thanks for the comments on the mushrooms! I shot them as is. I very rarely arrange things (but I did brush off the one in the second shot.) These things are full of interesting views--here's a B&W which (to my twisted mind at any rate) borders on the obscene ;~)</p>


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<p>Nice set you guys got going this week. I'm esp. liking:<br>

Steve; great framing with the tree branch on your first shot.<br>

Bob; how did the colors change so dramatically? Was the iso set on Auto? really neat...<br>

Camus; I like the expression on the child.<br>

Robert: great colors on both your shots!<br>

Bob: urban runner is neat, I like the shadows and lighting you captured.<br>

Peter: I like the 1st shot, that fox is looking right at you, very cool!<br>

Frank: Great shot of the 2 ladies!<br>

Javier: I like the spontaneity in your 3rd shot.<br>

Here are 2 new shots, taken over the labor day weekend:<br>

<a title="Zigzag by Shaloot, on Flickr" href=" Zigzag title="Zigzag by Shaloot, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3464/3964476242_cf8fbf7cff.jpg" alt="Zigzag" width="446" height="500" /> </a></p>

<p><a title="Mini-fall by Shaloot, on Flickr" href=" Mini-fall title="Mini-fall by Shaloot, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3534/3967638864_ca377676ab.jpg" alt="Mini-fall" width="359" height="500" /> </a></p>

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<p>Howard and Jordan,<br>

Maybe the models saw the photos being displayed in other places (like this forum) and they didn't know that and therefore now feel uncomfortable about it? Just wondering when people post pics of their shoots with models, whether they inform their models that they will present their pics in front of other people.<br>

Yes I know that sounds silly, since they are the models who should be getting used to having their photos all over the place, but still...</p>

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I did ask my "model" whether I could post her picture here (a couple of months ago) and she agreed. We had gone over the shots together and picked out the ones we liked best. I showed her the one I would post. But you may be correct, seeing her picture on the internet may have been scary for her. I respect that. How many of us, truthfully, would feel comfortable with that? That's why I've only posted that one picture.</p>


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<p>From my Utah Photo Workshop - Rim Overlook at Capitol Reef National Park:<br /> <img src="http://www.marclangille.com/photos/657525947_et7m4-L.jpg" alt="" /><br>

Taken with the K10D + DA 12-24 and CPL. I needed an image for the NP digital library that clearly showed the Rim Overlook was accessible to anyone (from below anyway).</p>

<p>Regards,<br /> Marc</p>

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<p>Dave, I love the sensual mushrooms. You did a good job getting light into the crevices. <br>

Trevor, hang in there. I got my law degree in '88 and what I discovered was this: First year they scare you to death, second year they work you to death, and third year they will bore you to death. But the faculty wants you to succeed. And I learned that being the only person in the law library studying on a weekend is good for your law school career. <br>

Don't let that camera collect too much dust. You need to get away from law school and relax and recharge your mind sometimes, even if they are kicking your butt. Good luck! </p>


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