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POW 9-27-09


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<p>Sweet pic Steve! Dave, sorry but I did not write the name of the flower you commented on last week, oops! I have two sunsets from Acadia.<br>

<strong>Acadia Sunset 1</strong> <em>K10D / Pentax DA 16-45</em> <em>@ 26mm / 1/15sec / f6.7 / ISO 100 / Tripod mounted</em> <a href="http://s407.photobucket.com/albums/pp153/marzrw/pow%208-23-09/?action=view&current=CadillacSunset10.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp153/marzrw/pow%208-23-09/CadillacSunset10.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a> <strong>Acadia Sunset 2</strong> / <strong>The Porcupine Islands</strong> named from Native American lore<br>

<em>K10D / Pentax</em> <em>16-45 @ 16mm / 1/15 sec / f11.0 / ISO 100 / Tripod</em> <a href="http://s407.photobucket.com/albums/pp153/marzrw/pow%208-23-09/?action=view&current=PorcupineIslands3.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp153/marzrw/pow%208-23-09/PorcupineIslands3.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a></p>

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<p>Thanks, Bob. Wonderful colors in your shots. Next time I'm at Lake Tahoe, I need to dedicate a couple sunrise/sunsets. Didn't have that chance this time, but we'll likely be back at some point (relatives live in the area).</p>

<p>One more for the week, bumblebees feasting on the sedum plants in our back yard. Pentax K20D, Tamron 90mm macro.<br>

<img src="http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p26/stevet_010/K20D5391edit.jpg" alt="" width="1049" height="700" /></p>

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<p>Yesterday (Saturday) I went on another photohike to Mt. Rainier National Park. This time a shooter friend and I hiked the Naches Peak loop which is just off Chinook Pass on the NE part of the park and about 5900 feet high. This is THE autumn color hike in the park. Since most of our trees are conifers, the really special autumn colors in the mountains come from the ground on up. Wild huckleberry and blueberry fields abound and turn incredible saturated reds, yellow, and purples. Throw in dried flower pods and bright sunlight and it's a visual feast. Just bring an ND filter and maybe a Polarizer too.</p>

<p>Here are three quick ones--the sun was right overhead but there was enough there for our shooting pleasure. Plus it was 67 degrees. Yahoo!</p>

<p><strong>Colorful changes</strong></p>

<p><img src="http://www.smugmug.com/photos/662179346_HvmjZ-L.jpg" alt="" /><br>

Pentax K20D, DA 70mm Ltd, f 9.5 @ 1/125 ISO 200</p>

<p><strong>Berry bushes</strong></p>

<p><img src="http://www.smugmug.com/photos/662179384_csNrV-L.jpg" alt="" /></p>

<p>Pentax K20D, DA 35mm macro Ltd, f 4.5 @ 1/60 ISO 800</p>

<p><strong>Mt. Rainier from NE</strong></p>

<p><img src="http://www.smugmug.com/photos/662179297_pNDJY-L.jpg" alt="" /></p>

<p>Pentax K20D, DA 70mm Ltd, f 8 @ 1/180 ISO 200</p>



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<p>Well last night, with a tear in my eye, I handed over my K10D to my sister. I hope I will still be welcomed here on the Pentax forum even though my only camera now is a Canon 50D. I DO plan to purchase another Pentax SOON so I am asking for leniency. My first shot was taken with the K10D last weekend in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum. The second, yesterday with the Canon.</p><div>00UawL-176003584.jpg.b56b680011706fabf276bcc32fe1f96f.jpg</div>
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<p align="center"><strong>#1</strong></p>

<p align="center"><strong>Moon shot</strong></p>

<p align="center">Pentax K20D, Pentax F* 300mm f/4.5 and Pentax F-1.7x AFA TC</p>

<p align="center"><a href="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2446/3957686657_03e2b79dba.jpg"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2446/3957686657_03e2b79dba_b.jpg" alt="" width="561" height="756" /> </a></p>


<p align="center"><strong>#2</strong></p>

<p align="center"><strong>Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe</strong></p>

<p align="center">Pentax K20D, Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5</p>

<p align="center"><a href=" _IGP7752 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3428/3904910003_18eedd980a_b.jpg" border="0" alt="emerald bay in south lake tahoe with Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5" width="620" height="411" /> </a></p>


<p align="center"><strong>#3</strong></p>

<p align="center"><strong>2008 New Year with Cosina 24mm f/2.8</strong></p>

<p align="center">Pentax K10D and Cosina 24mm f/2.8 in K-mount with 'A'</p>

<p align="center"><a href="http://www.techtheman.com/2009/09/pentax-1-lens-choices.html" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2081/2162442121_6fac23cf2f_b.jpg" border="0" alt="picture with cosina 24mm f/2.8 " width="574" height="863" /> </a></p>

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<p>It all looks good to me so far. A few thoughts:<br>

Bob M - lovely sunsets<br>

Steve T - great shot of the bees! Impressive DOF.<br>

Camus - that's quite a hill, or is the shot a bit tilted?<br>

Robert B the snake is great, something of a 3d effect<br>

Hin I really like the sun flare in your last shot.</p>

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