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<p>These are nice photos, clear and crisp. Martin, as an analogue Minox user can you let us know your subjective impressions -- is it a branded toy (as the cheesy ads on the Minox website suggest) or a 'real' camera that is the genealogical successor of the LX?</p>
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<p>Andrea, <br>

The DSC as a carry in the pocket camera, its performance is on the level of MINOX EC,<br>

IMO, it is a tad better than the EC, but still not up to the sophistication and performance of<br>

LX. <br>

For Minox, it is a step in the right direction.<br>

I think a digital LX will not be far behind<br>

For now, I am happy with the DSC in pocket</p>


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<p>Anthony, I think the newer 5MP Leica DCC M3 has an edge in terms of image quality<br>

because of its three zone focusing lens. However egonomically, the M3 is not streamline<br>

in shape, and hard to find a suitable case. I like the DSC better as a carry along camera.<br>

Further , DSC 's shutter release and dial imitate the ones on LX, using DSC is almost like using LX.</p>

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<p>Why I like to use DSC instead of cellphone camera or pocket digital ?<br>

No doubt some cellphone may have better picture quality than DSC, pocket digital camera<br>

with 8Mb resolution is common place, every one has cellphone and digital camera.<br>

That is the problem. If at public place, I take out a cellphone and shooting people around,<br>

other people may think that how odd this person is, every one has cellphone, but nobody<br>

shooting picture like this guy. <br>

Now if I take out a Minox DSC, I am quite sure very few people knows what it is, and<br>

people will think that this guy is just a photo hobbyist.<br>



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Now that you've had your DSC a while, how do you feel about it? I have read comments in other forums where the person who bought a DSC has returned it for failures and other problems. Have you experienced any problems with yours, and would you recommend one to a friend (or a stranger)?</p>

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