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i1d2, highlights goin' green...


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<p>Hi folks-<br>

I have an imac 24" flatpanel, calibrated regularly with an i1d2 puck. A couple weeks ago (after a year or so of excellent color fidelity), I calibrated it again, and all of a sudden the highlights had a definite green cast. Seemed crazy, so I calibrated a couple more times, same result (tried with other variables as well - turning off ambient lights, etc., etc.)<br /> <br /> I notice that on the graph at the end of the calibration process, even the graph shows that it's going to be green- the green response is a nice straight 45-degree line, while the R and B channels fall off a bit at the high end.<br>

My questions-<br>

Isn't this what the calibration is supposed to notice and fix (knocking down G to match R and B, so I at least have a neutral, if slightly dimmer, highlight?)<br>

Am I misunderstanding calibration?<br>

Can I manually adjust this, or is there an obvious fix that I'm missing? I can 'see through' it a little, but it's really hard to edit photos with a lot of highlight area.<br>

Any help appreciated.<br>


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