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<p>Years ago when I was writing the code for my website my intent was to create a site that worked for all users not just the most common or popular configurations which was the trend at the time. So, I actually made provisions for the 3% of users with 640x480 display resolution, along with obsolete OS’s and browsers. Well my efforts paid off and the site was tested with 25+ browser (back to the original 0.9b Mosaic) on over 15+ OS’s <br /><br />Recently, I was looking at the specs for the new ‘smart phones’ and noticed that new full screen ones have a resolution of 480x360 and 480x320. So I was curious how my site would respond to this new environment that did not exist at the time. I have a couple friends that have the new i-phone and they tell me that it works great on their phones.<br /><br />Which prompted me to wonder how well it worked on other models. So could those of you out there fortunate enough to own one of these devices stop by site and let me know, specificity, how it stacks to other, similar, photography sites on this new platform and generally, in your experience, how effictive are these devices as web browsers.<br>

<br />I guess what I'm trying to determine if, after all this time, it is necessry to re-tool for the new platform. I'd include the url or site name but I'm not sure if it's allowed. I guess that you'll have to get it from my profile.<br /><br /></p>

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