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Inkpress Duo Semi Gloss and Epson R2400 - any success out there?


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<p>I'm doing some book work where it would be lovely to have a semi-shiny paper that could print double sided and be fairly thin. I ran across the (rather expensive for them) Inkpress paper the other day, and picked up a box of 4x6. </p>

<p>The print quality is, alas, horriffic.</p>

<p>I've tried their profiles, w/o their profiles, with a variety of paper/color settings, and I still get totally unacceptable results- ink pooling, print comes out totally wet, etc., etc. I'm using PK and haven't tried printing it as Matte, because I assume I'll just get even more ink laid down, and I have no desire to spend an hour cleaning rollers. <br /> <br /> Has anybody successfully used this paper with the 2400? Any suggestions?</p>

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