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Photoshop pronlem


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I can not open my image in photoshop 7 after I edit them and try open again.I get massages Could not open file .....

becouse is not right kind documents,, it is jpg file .Can you help me with this problem.It is not possible upload this

images to my smug gallery.I check properties,is not ,,Read only,,,box is uncheck in omages properties

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There's not enough information to be sure what's wrong, but here are a few possibilities


In editing, you may be creating layered or other modified files that are not jpg, but you may be saving them with

a .jpg suffix, so the application tries to open a jpg, but the format is wrong. Before trying to save as a jpg,

flatten, etc. the file. Also you may try the same thing suggested in the next suggestion.


Version 7 may not open files by double clicking on the file icon that are created by later versions of Photoshop.

To open such files, you need to start PS 7 first and then use the Open menu to select the file and open it.

Alternatively, click on the icon and use "open with" to choose PS 7. Alternatively, try opening and resaving in

something like the shareware program GraphicConverter, a useful tool for dealing with oddly formatted files.


Your files may actually be damaged somehow, and again, GraphicConverter may help open at least a partial version

of the file -- it is far more tolerant of errors than PS.

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