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POW - 11/16/08


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I also thought gee I never have anything around myself to Draw or take photos of but

back in high school I complained to my art teacher about having nothing to draw and she said are you kidding every room has a thousand pictures and I have taken that to heart. Just thinking about spending 5 min in the backyard taking photos if left unchecked I can use up half a day and fill 2 gb card . A photo can be found anywhere I don’t know who took the photo of the toilet awhile ago it was an amazing B W photo of a toilet . I could babble all night and I have to go, just remember a simple house fly sitting on a stump with the right perspective can make an amazing photo.<div>00RWj6-89543584.jpg.39fc9d707bb230f0d7ed174162a5aff9.jpg</div>

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Ronny, that is absolutely awesome. it took me a while to figure out where you were taking it from - I was looking for the camera's reflection - I finally found the tripod - but, don't see you in the image - I'm wondering if you're holding the cardboard - and, it's a super creative self-portrait? :)
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Thanks ya`ll..I`m not going to say much , but would rather let the image speak, that is not me in the reflection , but a homeless man..I try to keep my own photography separate from my work photography, but this was in both worlds..I work for a very large non profit org. as a videographer & photographer , this shoot was about how to deal with homeless people, do you give them $$$ or get them help or walk on by..this man we offered help and gave him some $$$$$. Don`t try to analyze the shot technically, but what would you do if you encounter a homeless person, whats on the other side of the door, help..$$$$..nothing??????????????
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@ Rose...Thank you and your friend for the comments. I'ts always nice when the image you see translates to other people.


@ Javier...That egret shot is great, but I wish the head didn't seem blown out...that said, I think the water colors are amazing, and actually I wish you'd taken a shot of the water itself (maybe you did, and can post it next weeks POW).


@ Patrick, Love the lighthouse. Well done!!


@ Scott, the lighting on your dog is great, and so is the backdrop/setting.


@ Haig, I always look forward to your architecture shots!!


@ ME...jealous of your location!!! Nice test shots with the Bigma.


@ Bob...You are a few weeks ahead or behind me this whole year. That's sad about Ampersand. Who the heck hikes 3 miles up a steep mountain to spray graffiti...thankfully this seems to be a rare occurrence.


BTW, did you know my "Mountain Visions" Logo shot was taken on that balanced rock on pitchoff...now I've ruined the effect of some grand jump over a crevasse!!!


<a title="Mountain Madness" href=" Mountain Madness

<img src="http://static.flickr.com/175/376242335_df0439d96d_d.jpg" border="0"/>



I like the hurricane mountain shot...next week a pano from up there for my POW!


@ Dave, nice change of pace from birds and flowers...love the snail! Tasty too! As far as the farmland being overtaken, the positive side effect of the housing bubble burst is land will not be built on. It's believed we have about 10 sq feet per person of excess retail space (yet more stores are built all the time), and without cheap money, and shady loans housing would be stagnant because the middle class is making less now than 20 years ago. Houses have no real value other than supply and demand, with demand gone, it should be some breathing room for famland!!!


@ Mark, love the second shot. And I know what you mean. I have a shot that constantly gets attention for sales and I simply cannot sell it as I don't feel the quality is high enough, it seems that always the shots that lack just a bit of something (focus, exposure/noise) are the ones that get the most attention for prospective sales.


@ Ronny, don't feel bad, look at Bob Marz shot at the top of one of the Adirondacks finest mountains, and if my memory serves me about a 2.5 mile hike with a 2000 foot gain (or something like that). Sad!!! oh, and the last shot is awesome. Absolutely love it!


@ Nick, great shot, especially with out a tripod, and with a wide angle lens!!! Looks good at that size, I wish you could link to a bigger one (even 1000 pixels)!!!


@ Maria, most interesting shot on here. I hope all is well!!


@ Oshiva, interesting perspective!!


@ Gary, love the shot, works well in B&W!!


@ Ian, great scene! Love the landscape! Nice use of old school filters too!

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