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POW - 11/16/08


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WOW - huge already!


Only one, for now, anyway. Took a pic of an xray this week. Why? to send to our oldest girl's back surgeon. Why so

important? Because monday morn, up until I took this shot, I was convinced we were going to take a fast run to St

Louis starting that night. It's important to me this week, because it shows that she didn't actually snap one of the rods in

her back - they're all lined up! We stay on schedule for us to be pulling out of town one week from today, so go stretch

the kid out.


And the pic makes me wonder if we aren't due for a whole new rod set - I wonder if there's any stretching room left in

those rods!<div>00RVqp-89137584.jpg.34def0456b555c64cf8579453fb05a1e.jpg</div>

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This thread gets more fascinating every week.. <br>

Markus: That's a great shot, the first one. <br>

Ben: Your cactus flower looks a little overexposed to my eye. I love the rich colors though.. <br>

Robert: The tulip tree is very pretty..but I really like the bench, you did good to convert it. <br>

Bob: Nice views.. I like the first because of the 'many' lakes :-)<br>

Andrew: I agree with John's comment.. otherwise it looks like a great pic <br>

Dave: Definitely the winner for me this week! That first shot is just awesome. By the way, try to shoot the snails

when they are on the straight runs.. you always get motion blur when you catch them going around corners..<br>

Marc: I cannot believe you were tossing that photo out! the clearwing moth crop is really beautiful.. <br>

Ronny: It's sad to see such 'masterpieces' decorating everything nowadays.. <br>

Maria: Wow.. glad that medecine allows us to do so much nowadays.

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Here is a photo that is the best, but is heavily photoshopped. I'm still learning how to do layers and masks and what not. So be kind.


<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/blackfist2k2/3033623315/" title="The Magnificent One by Mr. I got a camera stuck to my face!, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3191/3033623315_770811bd50.jpg" width="334" height="500" alt="The Magnificent One" /></a></center>

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Maria, I am not good at reading xrays - but I believe that your picture proves that you and your daughter have spent too much time in hospitals.


My prayers are with you. I hope all will go well and that the doctor's appointment will give you the answers needed to get her better.

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My daughter just had scoliosis surgery and the rods look nothing like this. They used something that looks like what is on the top video of this page:




She went from 78degree curvature to less than 20 at time of procedure. This has improved to less than 10 degrees as everything adjusted to it's new position over the last 3 months.


Anyway, you are in my prayers also as I know exactly what you are going through.



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Mel: that is a cool video! Our kiddo's only 6 yrs old just recently, so she's not old enough for a fusion yet. What she's

got are growing rods. The thick part are connector sleeves, holding 2 rods together. As she grows, her spine has

nowhere to go but out. Every 6mo we go to Shriners St Louis for a couple days, and they push the rods a little further

apart. How long she keeps a set depends on how fast she grows. Doc says the usual time is 2 years - or 4 or 5

stretches - (which it will be this coming May).


Rose/Mel: Thank you! We'll take all the prayers we get! Her curve was about 78 deg when they put those rods in.

Immediately after stretching, she is a LOT straighter. I think somewhere between 10 & 20 degrees. We'll do this for

about 9ish years, until they decide her torso's done growing, THEN we get the fusion w/ screws all over the place. I'll be

glad for that, cause I won't have to worry about her breaking any of those! There's a lot of tension on those 4 little



What's up in the air, is what we're doing about further repairing her mouth (cleft palate)

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Maria - I dearly hope all improves soon. That X-ray looks no fun!


Everyone else - great shots! I especially liked Justins Rainbow and Bob's hiking shots - make me long for the wild.


Here's a fun shot with my Mamiya 58 mm f1.7M42 - love this lens!<div>00RW0P-89207784.jpg.6a4ef30e88d218cc1539f130daba1070.jpg</div>

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And for my birthday we went to the Packers-Bears game. This is a stitched panorama of vertical shots with the FA 20-35mm, at about 20mm. I should have taken one during the game but was worried the action would be hard to reproduce. And I was excited watching.<div>00RW0T-89209584.jpg.37126847f5121f072a2fc1e9a287cf77.jpg</div>
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Pretty lady.. I mean pretty photo Jemal :-).Maybe a tad dark on the right, but I can live with it ..<br>

Nick: I like those reflections in the first shot.. the stadium pano looks like it came out really well. <br>

Ian: I'm not sure I like the frozen part of your scenario.. but heck, if you get shots like that, I can certainly put up with some cold weather :-). I think you got a really good result with your filters.

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Robert Colameco - That is a Tulip Tree bud. They are a very fast, straight growing tree. I have one on my property that is huge, roughly 4ft in diamter and 60ft or more in height and it was planted in 1964.


Great shots all - I think Patrick Vesterback's shot of the lighthouse is my fav this time around.. Though Bob Marz's Amperand Mt Summit View shot is right there as well. And I really like Justin Serpico's balloon shot as well as that great macro by Marc Langille - The crop is very impressive. I've never actually seen one before and with such nice detail.

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