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POW - 11/16/08


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you're right, Javier - here's that picture resized to 700 px long.


Justin, I knew I would be competing with someone to get that first post in... but according to the online clock (as Haig mentioned) - It looks like I cheated by a 'little'. Justin, My friend was looking over my shoulder last night, (I was doing the babysitting/internet surfing thing at her house) and she LOVED your rainbow scenic - then I showed her the thread from last week and it looks like she's one of your newest fans. Although, she was AH'ing over a lot of the pictures. She seemed to really like those sceneries. :) I like the balloon shot more. Those yellow dancing lights in the middle are really cool. :)


Markus, love the cat/dog b/w - very rare you see these critters going head to head without blood being spilled.

Patrick, the lighthouse picture is gorgeous. Although the light on the rocks from the other picture makes me wish that I was more of a morning person. :)


Javier - your bird shots are always fab. I like the pecker shot most - seems like your trying to give Dave some friendly competition. :)


Robert, the leaves in the pond shot is really pretty. Until I read the title I was wondering how you got all those leaves in the air under a black background... I was imagining you throwing all the leaves up, then rushing to pull up your camera to take the picture before they all came down on your head. :D Hey, it's still pre-coffee for me - I'm allowed to be a bit ditzy. :D<div>00RVcN-89037684.jpg.70adacd46c5c91aff319ede97b890529.jpg</div>

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Been busy moving and haven't had a chance to submit any photos for a while. I decided to go with portraits this

week. It is always tough for me to choose portraits because it is easy to be influenced by the subject. In other

words, if I didn't know the subject and saw the photo, would I say that it isn't very good?


The first photo is Gordon and my aunt Donna. Gordon is 97, a super nice guy, and my aunt and uncle help him when

necessary (it isn't often). Gordon grew up here in Oregon and was out in the woods and mills all of his working

life. His house collapsed under a snow load last winter and he spent 5-6 hours pinned in his bed in really cold

weather until he was rescued. The national media tried to get the story going and he turned down several interviews.<div>00RVdd-89047684.jpg.b7de454b8a12786877adc7a70b52444c.jpg</div>

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So that's where the woodpeckers went! Javier must have promised them good times in LA ;~)


Love the rainbow and lighthouse.


I like the color version of downtown2 better, Michael (and don't listen to Mis when he suggests that you

monochrome the sunset ;~)


"Mt Ampersand" ;~) is really nice, Bob. Some of the others seem kind of dark but I'd be torn about brightening

them at the cost of a interesting tonal mood. I'd say the same about your sun shot, Rose.


Having posted my mockingbird shot in Javier's birds thread, I was lucky to come across this guy in the yard


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Dave, that first snail shot is awesome - love the shapes that are coming out in that picture. :)


I have been testing my 'new' - as in 'old' by way of Hin lens - a CZ Jenna 135 and loving this glass. I know you all will hate me for the subject matter - but it was raining yesterday so I was stuck to the indoors. :)

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This is a shot I discarded 2 years ago as not being good enough. However, my wife thought otherwise... so I'll share

it today:


<img src="http://www.marclangille.com/photos/268463396_GLHyQ-L.jpg">


Crop showing only the Snowberry Clearwing Moth:

<img src="http://www.marclangille.com/photos/367837293_c3GrC-XL.jpg">


What's embarrassing is that two people wanted 8x10 and 11x14 prints of the first image...

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Dave: thank you and again it's a tad embarrassing for me that I thought it wasn't good enough! I suspect it's because

the skipper's eyes weren't in focus, so I just put it aside. It's one of the sharpest images I've ever seen of this insect

(hummingbird moth) in any image. After ruminating on it's soft light, my wife's input, etc. I decided to convert it from

RAW. Nothing but defaults in ACR to JPEG.


The lens used is the FA* 200/4 Macro, which is a relatively rare (and expensive) Pentax lens in the FA* series. It's a

real treat to use and a gem of a lens. The 9 blades on the diaphragm really make the image bokeh really smooth. A

macro lens this long requires excellent technique to get the most out of it. Handheld shots are generally not a good

idea unless you have very steady hands, or it's bright daylight and/or using a flash.


EXIF: Pentax *ist DS, F/8, 1/250 sec., ISO 400, AV mode.

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I like your PoW thread starting technique technique, Rose ;-)


Some quick comments:


Rose, I find the mailbox itself more interesting than the decorations. My mailbox would not be worthy of a

picture :-D


Justin, hooray for Caney! The rainbow is *very* cool. Rarely do you get to see a rainbow from above instead of

below. As a nerd side note, all rainbows have a secondary rainbow with a larger radius. It's produced by the

light that's bounced inside the water drops before coming out again and it's always fainter, so not always

clearly visible.


Javier, love the egret! I still suspect you are Dr Doolittle.


Patrick, awesome lighthouse shot.


Michael E., I don't envy your early morning commutes, but scenes like this must make them worthwhile every now

and again. Thanks for that B&W conversion, I do like it more than the colour version.


Haig, you managed to find a hummingbird with now wings. Congratulations!


Markus, your first pic made me say "awwwwwww...." :-)


Robert, "Bench at Dawn" does it for me.


Andrew, your wife has such beautiful blue eyes! Wow...


Dave, I take my hat off, sir. That snail portrait is brilliant in almost every way. I'm glad you transitioned

from toads to snails ;-)

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