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=How about some street shooting=


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Hi Folks, One of my passions like Jeff, is street photography.. For me, most of my gear is built for this. I love

just walking around different places and cities and shooting things with people in them. Often times I will

simply wait until someone walks into my picture...I feel humanoids add to the picture. Of course, there are times

when that is not a good idea..I have gotten my fair share of dirty looks or as jeff puts it....I am going to give

you an ass whooping look, but all in all it is great fun and with much excitement...


Last night I went for a walk in Old Town Pasadena..I took my K10D and Tamron 18-250mm lens...My goal for the

night was window shopping..Most Images where shot between ISO800 and ISO1600 and the K10D behaved pretty

good...Very little PP work done.....EXIF in tact, I think.....


Post up some of your street shots.....Here are some of mine from last night...

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By the way. It was way darker than it appears. Most images where shot at 18mm F/3.5 hence the distortion in many images....It was an unplanned trip. Had I thought about it, I would have grabbed by Cosina 55 F/1.2 but it is now an excuse to go out shooting again. Still this tamron super zoom did pretty well i thought.
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Andrew, No choice in the matter. It was either overexpose or have blurry, noisy underexposed photos..

This was a case of using the wrong lens. I will redeem myself :) however as hopefully my ''New to me'' Tokina 20-35 F/2.8 pro lens should be here this week. If not I have plenty of other lenses that will do the job....

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Yeah that's the problem with having lots of great lenses... the right one is always sitting on my desk at home!

Makes me think i should just have 1 I use all the time, but i haven't quite found the perfect lens yet. When will

they ever get around to the 10-300mm F1.2 pancake Limited zoom? With 1:1 macro? Let's get going, Pentax!


Very nice shots BTW Javier. I like the people in the bakery as well.

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Since you didn't go with film this time, I'll oblige... Those where taken with my MX body loaded with Ilford

HP5+, equipped with SMC Pentax-M 50mm f:1.7, most of them with a yellow filter on. This was in Paris, on the

last slow day of Summer: Sunday, August 31st. Took a long walk in the afternoon, carrying the baby in front of me

in one of those shoulder-strap carriers, with a camera under my arm - carrying it the standard way, down from my

neck, would have been somewhat hazardous for the kid!


<p>This walk took me down the Sentier area, the garment district, one of the busiest area in Paris, completely

deserted that day.</p>



<a href="http://picasaweb.google.fr/lh/photo/DiR_ZhJTMr3PpM2jDG-OLg"><img

src="http://lh5.ggpht.com/leplume/SOZsBy1fAlI/AAAAAAAAAqI/ovOI_Cm3q00/s800/2008_PX5_F1000013.JPG" /></a>

<a href="http://picasaweb.google.fr/lh/photo/_YQ-JvS6Y25byjIEkQWCvQ"><img

src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/leplume/SP5UUsbjJdI/AAAAAAAAAtQ/4BC4QUpfWls/s800/2008_PX5_F1000014.JPG" /></a>

<a href="http://picasaweb.google.fr/lh/photo/3gf8uLOjZaBu5JiAVerMpA"><img

src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/leplume/SP5UVDwz15I/AAAAAAAAAto/ckYzEJ47rNw/s800/2008_PX5_F1000015.JPG" /></a>

<p>I then walked down to the <i>Bourse du Commerce</i>, the stock exchange (closed, obviously), and then back up

to the <i>Grands Boulevards</i>, passing by one of France most prosperous banks (at least it still was back then,

wouldn't swear about it today)...</p>


<a href="http://picasaweb.google.fr/lh/photo/6RIG9Zr0qXVhoXs-x1WD7Q"><img

src="http://lh5.ggpht.com/leplume/SNv5M1MuiSI/AAAAAAAAAok/jKIbBeZI8cY/s800/2008_PX5_F1000017.JPG" /></a>

<a href="http://picasaweb.google.fr/lh/photo/K-Yj6mBd08rFWIH2ewBUBA"><img

src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/leplume/SP5UUqM_upI/AAAAAAAAAtY/M1lGcVnKPMg/s800/2008_PX5_F1000018.JPG" /></a>

<p>And then I walked back home, passing by the <i>Passage Brady</i> arcade and its numerous Indian restaurants.


<a href="http://picasaweb.google.fr/lh/photo/yq6jGjJRbZFC8j7oR1bYLA"><img

src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/leplume/SP5UUwxhKBI/AAAAAAAAAtg/X1Y3gjLoCfE/s800/2008_PX5_F1000019.JPG" /></a>

<p>Needless to say, the kid, five weeks old then, slept fitfully during the whole thing!

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Gee, now that you mention it, I haven't done any street shooting for quite a while. Here's a shot from my last outing but it really isn't street-*level*. Looking at the EXIF, I realized that I must have been using the DA 55-300mm. I've hardly used it at all and was thinking of selling it but, now that I look at these shots, I'm not so sure.


I'm amazed at the IQ you get from the Tamron in low light, Javier. I'll take mine out as soon as I get it back from my friend who borrowed it (along with the k100d.)<div>00RF1z-81375584.thumb.jpg.12e000515a5f7578e055e7b7f1cb6cc2.jpg</div>

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Ok, here are some street scenes from today in DC. Yep, I almost got my a** whooped with one photo and I had to delete it. But the others survived, so here they are. All done with K10 and 16-50/2.8 except for "Waiting in the Shadows" which was with 50-135/2.8 @ 135.<div>00RF4X-81411584.jpg.41ede0e704dd3d0e2bd2ab4f9b4dc8a8.jpg</div>
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Great shots. I really like the richness of the Bakery and the furniture store.


what settings did you have your camera on for those shots?




Love Federal Triangle and the Gasmask shot.


Was that dude "waiting in the Shadows" dressed up as former 1800's president or was that his daily garb? lol


I like to caption the 2 women


" sure they hurt but they look so damn good!"

" you should see how Jeff gets all excited when I wear them with just fishnets and a pushup"




I didnt realize you lived in DC. My Grandmother had a house on Pennsylvania ave just a few blocks from the Capital.

I remember playing in the front yard when I was little with it as a backdrop.


It was nice down there back then.

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Cheers, Christopher...LOL. I actually don't live in DC but am here on business and had some time today to take a few shots. It's a great city but you have to be careful to stay out of the "hot zones".


I can only imagine what the two ladies were saying...it would be nice if it were along the lines you indicated! :-). The man in the suit is a doorman, I believe, and was waiting for his ride home. I wanted to get closer for a better shot, but street shooting can get dicey nowadays. I did take a photo of a guy getting his shoes shined on the street and he confronted me afterwards and demanded that I delete the photo. I had no legal right to do so, but I figured the photo wasn't worth a tussle in the street.

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Hey Folks, Thanks for all the comments and contributions...


@Christophe B, Your use of black and white film, brings joy to my eyes. I especially like the last one in the series....Thanks for the comment on the bookstore. I liked that one also. I have a couple more from there I will post in a bit....


@Dave, I LOVE the first image...To be honest, everytime I use my Tamron 18-250mm lens, I get amazed for what it is...


@Jeff, ''BRAVO''....Your use of black and white is great. You have the gray scale thing figured out and it shows...Great tones...I love the ''Making a Point, Washington DC''...


@Christopher S, Thanks for the comments. The exif data should be intact, but I was between ISO800 and ISO1600 , with the lens at 18mm most of the time and wide open. I was using +1 ev or so most of the time as high as 2.0EV...Not bad for what it is, but there are far better set ups for this....

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