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Minox DSC


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I am temporarily in Germany and was going to order one today from Photokina 2008. But when I saw the pictures it didn't look "cool" like

the spy camera I always wanted. So....I went to downtown Frankfurt and bought TLX! I will let you know when I get a roll or two taken and

developed. If the real thing (DSC) is better than the pics, I may still get one. I am very interested in all you users to make sure I haven't

arrived too late into this market/hobby!

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If the photos this takes are better than the fuzzy samples at the License-to-shoot web site, I'd enjoy having one. But if the

photos are as bad as the samples, I'll keep shooting my faithful Minox B. The DSC's photos don't have that unique "Minox

look" I am accustomed to seeing -- which is the entire reason I continue to use my Minox.


For me, it's not about the small size, it's about the fabulous way a Minox B turns the most ordinary subject into a

captivating piece of art. The sample photos of the DSC do not have that elusive quality, perhaps DSC's lens isn't anything

like the Minox B's superb lens.

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<p>The "quality proof" set I and II on Minox site have much better quality pictures:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=2455&L=1" target="_blank">http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=2455&L=1</a><br />Download the DSC quality proof part I and II, unzip with winzip and view them with photoshop<br />The quality is better than I thought, much better than anything I got out of Minox EC (about the same size as DSC).<br />Those picture prompted my to purchase a DSC, so far I am quite happy with this digital Minox<br>

See my DSC file<br>

<a href="http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=925946">http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=925946</a><br>

DSC is even good at close up, with Zeiss Ikon proxar lenses</p>

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