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[W/NW] Picture of the Week #12/2008


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Knut, It is an Infrared capture of the Moon. Tripod was OK (I am never sure about any tripod though) but I was not too convinced of getting the correct infinity infrared focus. After some hours of careful look, I can also conclude that the focus was fine as well.
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Actually this is an old photo shot with the Hexar AF in 1992. It was very badly scratched. For

three years I tried to save the dedicated scan (5400 dpi) with Photoshop with no success.

Last week I scanned it with my plain old Canon All-In-One at 3200 dpi. This plain old

scanner acted like a diffusion enlarger, blending out most of the scratches. I could easily get

at the rest with Photoshop CS2's Healing Tool. Well, the Hexar AF is almost a rangefinder.

And this shot is my long overdue picture of the week.<div>00OuAK-42489184.jpg.47d78dfd0144754fdf661cc08a9e3ea0.jpg</div>

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