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Need help with metering and other studio issues

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I am going to enter my first exibition at school and, I NEED HELP! I am

shooting with a 50mm no flash SLR camera. I am using a instructor from work to

do 2 nude yoga poses. I am going to be using 400 ISO, a black back round and a

spot light. Just her in the picture. Im confused all together due to a test and

project I am cramming for. What should i do to make this picture perfect? what

should the shutter speed be at? and with my light meter i know i will not get a

good reading what should i do? please help

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You meter the subject only, not the black background. If you are only shooting 2 poses, then bracket exposures 1 and 2 stops on each side of the meter reading as well, 5 frames per pose. Use a tripod! ! !

Your meter will tell you what shutter speeds and f stop combinations are possible. 1/30 is about as slow as you should go.

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Whitney, you need a working light meter. There's no way around that issue.


Second, you need some help with the basics. We can't do that in the context of a discussion forum. Kodak, Time/Life and others have produced books that cover all the basics. You can find these in used bookstores at near giveaway prices. If you buy them online you'll pay more for shipping than for the books themselves, but it will be worthwhile.


There's also a ton of info online. Go to the upper right corner of any photo.net page and click on the "Learning" tab.


Good luck.

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