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I'd like to thank...................


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the Academy............


Fred Goldsmith, for his mind altering philosophical point of view, his

conversation stimulating portraits, and his knowledge of pure art.


John Galyon for his beautiful abstract mind and point blank comments


Dennis Aubrey for his ability to shoot indoors.......


Ronald Capasso for showing us what HDR SHOULD look like..........


Michael Mancil for showing what landscapes truly look like.......


Cynthia Jean for photographing the world with more energy than anyone I know....


Chris H for showing me what the western side of the country looks like, and

keeping me up at night wondering how rocks can move on their own......


Simon Butterworth keep at it, someday you'll get a good photograph


Hugh Price for your ability to get your son to hold still long enough to get

sharp shots and for being the first person to drop an F-bomb in one of my photo



Lex (perpendicularity consultant) Jenkins for keeping the forums from getting

too serious



Olympus cameras




Full Throttle energy drinks


if I'm forgetting someone I apologize........I'm nervous

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I like to thank BOB ATKINS for his depth of knowledge in the area of photography, unbiased and comprehensive reviews. Most important of all, his dedication to enrich us with his knowledge free in this era of commercialization and money grabbing. Same appreciation also applies to many named by Tim.
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