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are there any other options?


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I know the people running this site have there hands full, and maybe I'm missing

something, but have any other formats been considered? What concerns me is that

the critique forum cycles too quickly to get any real exposure for your images

to be critiqued, so the real critiquing has to be accomplished through a network

of connections made through the site. It's like critique bartering, Citique

mine, and I'll critique yours, kin of thing and then even that gets hampered by

the mate/rating waiting period. Lots of good images on this site get missed

because up-loader is new and/or hasn't yet established a network of reliable

members that regular monitor his/her photography. And even that is a crap shoot,

because too many people on PN don't even acknowledge yet alone respond to

critiques or comments. My renewal is coming up, and I guess I would like to know

the direction and/or goals of this site before making a decision whether or not

to invest in it.

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Did you get your $25 worth last year? Did you learn something from any of the forums? Did you learn anything from viewing the thousands of images that are posted here every day? Did you learn anything about human nature when you posted your images for critique? Do you know of any other photo sites where you could get more for your $25? Did you take interesting photos that would appeal to viewers that would want to make them look at your other photos and maybe give you some critiques? Did you spend your time complaining or participating? Only you can answer any of these questions and decide if your $25 investment is worthwhile. If I learn a few new tips, get some valuable advice and discover a few new really good photographers here I more than got my moneys worth.
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<i>"See? no one even responds to this.......:("</i><p>

Tim, seriously, be reasonable. You asked a question in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday and then wonder why someone hasn't replied? Yes, I do some work on the weekend because I care about the site. But to EXPECT that I (or any of the admin staff) will jump to respond on a weekend is unfair.


For the record I was enjoying a fine afternoon of drinking beer with my friends and watching the Seahawks. Sadly, they lost. But it was a good time nonetheless.


Yes, the critique system is not what it should be. There is nothing new about this statement. A simply search would dredge up many many threads on the subject. There are any number of ideas on the table to change the system, but it is a big project. If you would like to pass on your suggestion, I am all ears. I just ask that you email me privately rather than posting here. Public discussion of the ratings/critique system raises emotions all around and tends to not be very productive.<div>00O096-40959684.jpg.c78aa260dd22c11ddfa3608e5da7dda6.jpg</div>

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"Do you know of any other photo sites where you could get more for your $25?"


Do you know any place at all where you can get much for $25 ? I think PN compares very favourably with vast majority of places.


After all, $25 is not exactly riches untold...particularly with the recent inflation rates.

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Don't get me wrong guys, I'm on this site everyday checking the forums, leaving comments/critiques and I've learned a lot here and met a lot of great people, it's been a great experience. I'm not boo-hooing about the site. Is it wrong for me to voice concerns? Is it wrong for me to offer ideas, comments or suggestions? Is that not what this forum is for? Everything can be made better, and I just curious at what kind of things there could be to look forward to on PN. Everybody knows the critique/rating system needs improvement and I see it discussed almost daily in the forums so by voicing concerns about it is wrong? What is the "feedback forum" for then, I guess I misinterpreted it.


Tim-you can get a whole meal for $6 at Mcdonalds, are you telling me it's perfect every time you get one? I did learn a little something about human nature by posting in this forum, thanks for that.


Josh-I'll take that approach next time, sorry, I didn't seem to come off that way.............by the way......if that thread upset you......this might hurt more..........I was enjoying my Green Bay Packers put a whoopin' on your Seahawks............Booyah!


Sorry for that too......

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What often happens unfortunately is that the tone or demeanor of a good suggestion and/or concern will be responded to but not the substance. I am sure there is great frustration among admins as well as participants about the critiquing part of this site and about the time and energy it takes to make substantial improvements. Visibility in the critique queue has been brought up a fair amount and I can't recall any or many substantive responses from an administrator with even a general direction of where visibility might be improved, let alone something specific. I know I have asked several times for submissions to be much more limited than the current 4 per day per person, which might leave the queue a little less dense and the photos in the queues on display for a bit longer each. I have not gotten a response to this idea.

We didn't need dialogue. We had faces!
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