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Leica 2x APO Extender

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Own a Leica R7, considering purchase of Leica R 2x APO extender. Have

old 135mmR 2.8, 50mmR 2.0, and 35-70mmR 3.5 lenses so far. Anyone have

any feedback, info., comments on Leica's 2x extender. Anyone use one?

Appreciate any advice. Don't know too many Leica R users. (I also own

an M6 which is quickly becoming my camera of choice except for closeup

and dista

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I read with interest your comments about the M6 gradually becoming

your first choice camera.

Up until last year I was running both R & M cameras and eventually

decided to sell all my R equipment since I was hardly ever using it.

The M6 was the camera I was using all the time, however the

capability I missed with the R series was for close-up work.

To give me some close-up capability with the M6 I purchased a Leitz

copying stand code name "beoon" or code No 16511.This is used with

the 50mm Summicron and gives close-up ratios of 1:1, 1:1.5,1:2 & 1:3.

I read about this Leitz equipment from an interesting article in the

LHSA. It will never replace the full close-up capability of the R

series but I have found this equipment really usefull and it is

available at reasonable prices second hand.

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The 2x Apo ?




Sounds like you are planning on owning Apo lenses in the future. A

little pricey but a solid performer if coupled with an Apo lens. I

use it with 70-180 Apo zoom, and the combination is sharp as heck

(picture wise and not look wise.) I can make out very sharp and

brightly a woodpecker perched on a tree branch across the street at

max setting with the doubler.




But the combination is very heavy on the wrist, just can't be

handheld anymore, you gonna need at minimum a monopod with a fast

film (at 360 mm (2x180) the minimum required shutter speed is 500th

to 1000th of a sec. with a heavy and steady tripod's help.)




I also use M6 for handheld candids, but so far I can't get rid of the

R system because their lenses ar very compelling for my purposes. My

other R lens is the 15 mm super wide job. Whew what a sight, with it

I can focus down to an inch in front of the glass and still looking

at the scenes clear and yes ... super wide. It's so funky and a blast.




Good luck to you.

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