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What music do you like?

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When you're in the darkroom, or at your computer doing the digitial

thing, what are you listening to?


Me: Pink Floyd, The Cure, The Beatles, Led Zepp, Roger Waters, (Mimi

yelling to fold my whites), ZZ Top...

Backups? We don’t need no stinking ba #.’  _ ,    J

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Eerie similarity...except, strike off ZZ top...and replace with Coldplay, U2, Paul Oakenfold (great for driving too), Verve, Dire Straits,...


Coldplay is hands down one of the best "new" bands to emerge since U2, and hope they don't break up like the Verve.

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I'll listen to most anything- if it's good. Since December, it's been

Mary Wells, The Marvelletes, Shirelles, Destiny's Child, Dinah

Washington, Smokey Robinson, Johnny Cash, Curtis Mayfield,

War, and a few others I can't think of right now. It's the first time

I've really concentrated on these artists and first time I've heard a

good portion of it. Old school, but that doesn't matter when the

music is timeless. This adds to a huge list, of which Miles,

Dylan, Beatles, Ellington, Monk, Satchmo, Etta James, Ray

Charles, Beethoven, Gershwin, and many others- have been

obsessions at one time or another. I guess the only new music I

have much contact with right now is some Hip Hop, but I don't

care too much for the macho gangster aspect of Rap.

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While I listen to all kinds of music, in the darkroom it's strictly funk only. Having examined my prints carefully it became clear that the very best ones were made while listening to The Lafayette Afro Rock Band. Herbie Hancock produces a high edge acutance in my prints and Bobby Womack the best tonal range. For toning Isaac Hayes works well.
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As a subscriber to Sirius Satellite Radio, I listen to that a lot. My favorite stations are Standard Time and Broadway's Best. Sometimes, I opt for classic country (Hank Sr, Patsy, Tammy, etc). Still, at other times, I like a hard edged folksy-rock sound (Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, et al). Really, it all depends on the mood, and sometimes on the subject matter of the photos being printed.
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