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Nikon Capture NX


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BTW: I had just received Capture 4.4 from Nikon (here in Germany). I had ordered the "latest version" of Capture. When I got the 4.4 version I called up Nikon Germany and asked if there is a cheap, or free update to the NX version since that should be the "latest version". I was informed that I would get free updates if ever a 4.5 version or later would be available. The NX version is a completely independant product - so naturally I could not upgrate to it. Hmmm.
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"Hmmm" is right. You don't really expect Nikon to offer a REAL update to Nikon Capture

4.4 for free, do you? I have a feeling, if there is such a thing as Capture 4.5, that it won't

be very different from 4.4. I bet Capture NX will be what Capture should have been in the

first place, ie not sluggish as molasses.

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Thanks for your preview of Capture NX. I would like you to keep us informed:-)


According to an interview to general manager of marketing division of Nikon Imaging company performed by a Japanese popular web magazine, the manager estimated the price of Capture NX about 15,000 yen and new Nikon View Pro, around 6,500 yen. He added that no upgrade path from the current Nikon Capture would be provided:-(


However, considering that the current NC is priced around 12,000 yen at large retailers in Japan, the NC NX won't cost so "significantly more" as Peter concerned:-)


Hope this info would be of any help.

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