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Received my first order of Innova F-type today and just finished making some

test prints, compared to Silver Rag. They both make beautiful prints, but the

Innova paper have even better shadow detail than the Silver Rag. Not sure if

this is due to the OBA's which could be a permanence issue, but it sure is

pretty. I printed on an Epson R2400 using Advanced B&W mode. This is the image

I used as it has a wide tonal range and lots of detail.<div>00HKbi-31243384.jpg.164dce5c2ecbf46bfef5d7b2edea9f87.jpg</div>

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Your prints have better detail on Innova than CSR - this does not, per se, mean this is an absolute quality of the paper, just that these are your results with your particular test.


I've not found what you say to be the case with my tests - furthermore, I find the Innova texture to be less pleasant than the CSR (particularly noticeable in said deep shadows). And it's more glossy as well, which I consider a negative.


Testing done with a profiled ABW approach, also custom curves in QuadtoneRIP.


Just presenting the contrary view. I think these papers are so close together one needs to weigh the pros and cons of each and do extensive testing with one's own workflow before drawing final conclusions.


My money is with the silver rag, but then I certainly don't dislike the Innova.

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Paul, I have made several large color image with the 7800 on CSR with wonderful results. I have a roll of Innova waiting to go. Was wondering what you are using for print driver paper settings for the Innova. For the CSR I have used the Epson Premium Luster and Premium Gloss settings. I did download the CSR profile but can not seem to access it in the print driver. The results I get with the Epson profiles are so dead-on with the print preview, I have not worried about it. I have read elsewhere that the Epson Prem Glossy gives better shadows that the Prem Luster setting. I have not tested this head to head. Nevertheless, I could not be happier with the CSR.
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Thanks, Paul. The Red River Premium Matte 50 lb. is actually my "quality" paper, as I'm too cheap to move up to Museo or Hahnemuhle photo rag just yet, but now that I've got a handle on creating and tweaking my profiles, I think I'm ready to make that step up. But I certainly do like what I'm getting out of the RR paper.
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