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C-5050 question


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i just purchased a used C-5050. i have loved this camera ever since

it came out but really owned one just now. i noticed that when i

shoot via the viewfinder full zoom/closeup, the image that will be

recorded will be off-centered. it is almost to the upper right

quadrant of the viewfinder. it's like there is no parallux

compensation. is this normal? i don't see it in the manual. if the

lcd is used to take a picture, you get what you see.


open wide and about half the zoom range, this is not the case.

whether through the viewfinder or lcd.

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I have the 5060 and this is normal - very inacurate viewfinder that doesn't move during focus. I would much rather shoot from waste level anyway using the screen. None of the P&S digitals have accurate viewfinders except the EVF cameras.
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thank you, sanford. it's not going to be a concern anyway since i'll be using the flip lcd most of the time. it's nice to have more info than what the user manual gives you.


remember the old p/s film cameras where they have the close focus lines in the viewfinder? i just made my imaginary lines for the c-5050. and who knows, i might be brave enough to really get into the viewfinder and literally put my lines there.


i looked at the c-5060 but opted for the f/1.8. and i have tons of nmh AA batteries when i was using the c-2100uz.....plus a little cheaper than the c-5060 :-)

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What you're experiencing is parallax...




It is normal for any camera that does not provide true through-the-lens viewing. The camera that you have is AWESOME. I have 2 of them myself as well as the 4040. I love it as a point-and-shoot. I also own the Canon 20D but cary my 5050 almost always.

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