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Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8


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good point taken, michael. thanks. a friend of mine actually wants to buy my kit lens for his D50. i told him if i can find a replacement, he can have it.


in my film days, i carry three primes when i'm on the street. my F2AS when i'm in the mood for manual and the F80 when i'm a little lazy and wants AF. i didn't mind swapping lenses at all.


with digital, i'm overprotective, maybe, with my toys from dust since i'm always in the san francisco and monterey/carmel areas where it's always windy. hence, the wont to short wide-zoom.


am thinking also that the f/3.5 of the kit lens to the constant f/2.8 of the sigma might make me happy.

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Hmmm..I have the 17-55mm lens and it is excellent and a great walk around lens. Maybe your looking for something that is not as heavy? Or you don't want to put too much wear 'n tear on the 17-55? Whatever the case, have you looked at the Sigam 18-50mm photozone review? Looks like the CAs can be high and its a bit soft on the edges at 18mm. http://www.photozone.de/8Reviews/lenses/sigma_1850_28/index.htm


Klaus (photozone) will be testing the 17-55 Nikon soon. It will be interesting to see the results that he obtains.

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thanks for the input, michael s. yes, trying to get away from the weight of the 17-55mm. i only use it for events....

thanks also for the link. i was able to test the 18-50mm. the 18-70mm is better for me --- performance and cosmetics.


thanks for the idea, michael f. i'll probably pack a 20mm prime together with the 50mm for a really lightweight walk-araound.

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