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Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8-4.5


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I apologize if this may sound like a vague answer, but... I had one of these lenses and used it for a couple of months. I later shelved it and then recently sold it. On the more technical side, I found it to be very soft and expectedly slower to focus than I would like. On a more personal side - I just simply did not like the "feel" of this lens. I use Nikon, Sigma EX and Tokina ATX, so I am somewhat familiar with a variety of lenses. But there was something about this lens that just didn't suit me. In the same focal length range, I would much prefer to use my Nikon 24-120VR, even though it's not a F/2.8


I know that may not make much sense, but that is my opinion for what it's worth.

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