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Should I get rid of my M4P?

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i am suprised how often i see the film is dead... digital reigns supreme debate and it lacks one very crucial point (in my humble opinion). that is of course the build quality of the camera's and glass in question. yes you can spend 3-8,000 dollars (i'm in canada of course) and buy a digital camera that will produce images comparable to a leica, say m4p and 'cron set up (with a dedicated film scanner or even an epson 4490 with a little practice) but that's a serious bit of change. let's just say YES film is dead. it's over... in ten to fifteen years there will be no more film produced. i of course will have parted with my m6ttl and 35mm summicron asph and immersed myself in all things digital. HOWEVER i am going to remain shooting on the m6 until they start producing camera's of like abilities and quality in a digital format. i cannot accept 3 second shutter lag's, purple halo's, start up times, constant error messages and "kit lenses" on 1,000 dollar + camera's. i don't want a plastic camera, i don't want a body the size of a shoe box hanging from my neck. i want an analog lay out in a small body, quiet, minimal shutter lag, great, fast primes and tough as nails for under 3,000. i choose to shoot primarily on a film camera because it provides these things. my 2 cents? stay with you'r m4 until a digital m comes out. buy a decent film scanner. the money you get for your m4p will not get a camera anywhere near as capable. film, dead or not, will still be available for a long time. (all that ranting aside i'll now admit i have an rd-1 enroute vial mail order)
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