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how long will it last in the camera?


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I shoot with an RZ and soon an M7, I dont always finish a roll, well sometimes, when I am done taking the

pictures and I have some frames left I just blow them away quickly just to use the film up.


My question is how long will film last in my camera? I shoot with most types of film from transparency to



what happens to the film in the camera after some time? I keep my camera gear at room temp, but my

rolls always go back in the fridge...

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It depends on what type of film it is. Slower films last longer before begining to fog, and Black and White films last longer than color films. As long as the temperature is not overly high, and you are going to be developing in a few months you should be fine. I think the maximum time I've left color print film in camera is about 9 months (ASA 100) with no noticeable color shifting or fogging. I mostly shoot Black and White, but I do use some E-6 from time to time, and I never worry about it. Then again, I usualy develop in the range of an hour of so after exposure to a week or two...


- Randy

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My experience is that film does better in canisters, where the curl is uniform, than in film backs, where you have both curled and straightened areas of film. If a roll is unfinished and has been sitting for a while, the shot about to be taken can often be so off the film plane that image sharpness is compromised. I've seen this all the time on Hasselblads, as well as on some 35mm cameras. It's one of the reasons Contax came up with the vacuum back option for some of its cameras.
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What kind of film? Latent image keeping (LIK) varies not just by

speed but by emulsion. NPS is remarkably poor at LIK for a 100-160

speed film. Supra 800 was unacceptable to me after 6 months in the

camera. Amateur films usually have the best LIK properties but are

not available for medium format. "Process promptly" as it says on

the box.

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