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The End is Near - Beckerman Goes Digital


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As Picasso said " a picture kept in the closet, might as well be kept in the head".


Show me HCBs published works with the "battery powered" P&S AZ.


He may have been serious, but you don't know it, nor does anyone else ... except him, and

he ain't telling ; -)

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Point taken AZ.


But let's cut to the chase. Your real agenda is to somehow further the notion that the gear

doesn't matter, it's the photographer that matters. Which I don't disagree with, except

when it becomes an evangelistic mantra in answer to every supposition of preference on a

site dedicated to that preference.


IMO, your first post was on the money... "what does this have to do with Leica


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My "agenda" here is to point out fallacies and suppositions.


As for my first post, you are among those who are fooled by someone using my

moniker, and inapppropriately attributing to me what he wrote; if you pay attention you

can see that he is not a paying member while I am.

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Name theft understood AZ. Will keep an eye out for that in future.


....My "agenda" here is to point out fallacies and suppositions....


IMO, you can protest your pure intentions all day long, but the sum total is one of an

intellectual cop, with a self-important agenda, policing some obscure outpost of the

internet for God knows what reason. A site mostly peopled by those with a preference

defined by the site itself, who are here to share their preferences. Not a hard concept to



If you are such a paragon of photographic knowledge, why are you squandering it here?

Why not do something of consequence, rather than knuckle rapping enthusiastic

supporters of a tiny brand of camera on a site dedicated to that little camera? Every time

someone expresses their enjoyment or preference, the evangelistic elite "Rodney King"

them into intellectual submission ... when it is all actually subjective emotional preference

that's being expressed.

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Do you believe in re-incarnation Mark? It's based on more than supposition. Perhaps Z was a Roman Soldier guarding some lonely outpost at the edge of the Empire. Somewhere like Hadrian's wall.


Can't you visualise him standing firm as he stares across the barren moors: like smoke drifting across the horizon came the hordes.


" Z, we want you to hold the fort while we bugger off....oops! We mean save the women and children".


It was a tough and lonely life.

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quiche claimed that HCB never lost a decisive moment because his battery died. What

the f%uck is she, psychic? No, the obvious inference is that he never used a battery --

meaning she's wrong. Or if she does think thaty she's psychic she should use her

alleged yet dubious talents somewhere else for the betterment of mankind. Nice

attampt at a tapdance away from your assertion, but you need a few more lessons to

make it seamless.

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May I sum it up like this:<br>



<li>The Leica M System is the be all end all of cameras.</li>

<li>HCB was the only photographer worth talking about</li>

<li>The moon pictures are the best proof that nobody ever was on the moon as every sentinent beeing would have sent HCB with his Leica for a job important as that one instead of an airforce officer with a Hassy</li>


<img src="http://www.hett.org/smileys/42.gif" alt="tomatoes">

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Quite right, Volker -- forget the people who don't need or want or use Leicas, and

especially ignore or disparage or belittle those who once used Leicas but chose another

piece of gear. They are clearly the deluded ones, ja.

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