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Scan 8x11 negative

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Thanks for the tip. I'm thinking of that mask solution as well. I have heard from a

couple others that some of the anti-dust softwares don't work well with any silver

based B&W negs. I am hoping that the next generations of software address this.

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After experimenting with several different mask, I find the following

8x11 mask is simple and effective, with good registration.


Cut a piece of xerox paper, 70 mm x 200mm, fold in the middle,

then in the middle of the 35mm x 200 mm fold, use sharp razor cut

a narrow 8mm wide, 170mm long cut out. About 4mm to each side

cut a 9.6mm slit to hold the film strip.<p>

For long negative, insert both end of the film strip on two slits

for short film, insert one end is enough.<p><div>008Uwg-18322484.jpg.1d6a48eac19702bbb4a80d927e6d05dc.jpg</div>

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Jeff: The dust removal software not working on silver-based negs is a fundamental issue

not likely to be resolved in software.


Dust removal works by scanning an additional infrared channel. E-6 and C-41 dyes are

transparent to infrared light, so any information that shows up in this channel is dust,

surface damage, etc. and can be marked for removal.


Since the silver in B & W film is NOT transparent in the infrared region, this just can't work.

It marks any image density as dust....

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