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Best e-6 mailers from B&H also V100F of P100F


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I'm about to put in a film order and am considering switching

mailers. I've been using Kodak and I noticed that they also have A&I

and Fuji. Favoties films split between Kodak and Fuji 60.40 with

favorite being K100VS. I like the plastic mounts. Do all three use

plastic mounts? Which would you recommend?


Also, I'm in a quandary deciding between Provia 100F and the new

Velvia 100F. Primarily used from landscapes with a bias toward blue

ocean/sky followed by green vegetation. Any recommendations either

way? I still have a stash of the old Velvia 50 for times when I want

the extra saturation.

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I would definitely recommend A&I mailers. The quality is better, by far, than Kodak or Fuji. They use cardboard mounts by default but will use plastic mounts upon request.


Velvia 100F is awesome. I personally like it better than Provia 100F. Both are good films, but V100F is ever so slightly warmer and more saturated.

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I have shot V100F, Provia 100F, and Astia 100F for the same ocean/sky scenes. The Provia and Velvia were prettier, but the Astia was most accurate. Provia and Velvia each skew the color in different directions and are contrasty. I can't tell you which to use, as I will continue to use all three for the affects they will give me.


I don't use any of the labs mentioned. A lot of the image is covered by the mount so I don't have my transparencies mounted. I mount my own and get them exactly the way I want them. This also saves a lot of waste.


I don't know if I helped, but a few things to consider. Happy new year.



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I've shot a bit of Velvia 100F, and I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of sharpness when compared to the old Velvia. The crispness just isn't there. the color palette is nice, but I'm sticking with either Velvia 50 or Ektachrome 100VS, both nice and sharp.


The A&I service is excellent for either film. Their E6 processing is wonderful, and best of all, consistent.

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