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Fernando Cartagena [fc3]

Signed Up:
Saturday 4th of November 2006 08:41:29 PM


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Mountains Horizontal

Mountains Vertical

Pyrenees mountains



Aquilegia vulgaris

Catananche caerulea

Otal Peak - Valley of Bujaruelo Huesca- Spain.

Peak Palas - Valley of Ossau - France.

The rock of Peyreget-Valley of Ossau- France.

Monte Perdido peak - Valley of Pineta - Bielsa - Huesca - Spain

Tozal of Soaso - Linas of Broto - Huesca - Spain

Rock of Alcañiz - Valley of Aurin - Huesca - Spain.

Midi of Ossau - Aneou Valley - France.

Tendenera Peak - Valley of Tena - Huesca - Spain.

Midi of Ossau - Precipice of Arrius - France.

Soum of Ramond Peak - Valley of Pineta - Bielsa - Huesca - Spain.

Adonis vernalis

Midi d´Ossau - Valley of Aneou - France.

Rigüelo Peak - High Valley of Aisa - Huesca - Spain.

Sabocos Peak - Panticosa - Valley of Tena - Huesca - Spain.

Valley of Waters-Blind - Jungle of Oza - Hecho - Huesca - Spain.

Tendenera Peak - Vallery of Tena - Huesca - Spain.

Anthirrhinum majus

Linaria supina

River Ara - Bujaruelo Valley - Torla - Huesca - Spain.

Tozal of Mallo - Ordesa Valley - Torla - Huesca - Spain.


Posets-Llardana Peak - Gistain - Huesca - Spain.

Gistain Vallery - Gistain - Huesca - Spain.

Faballones Peak - Vallery of Tena - Huesca - Spain

Fragaria Vesca - strawberry wild

Three were three and there is not nothing else.

Lunaria annua



Borago officinalis

Bious Artigues - Vallery of Ossau - Pyrenes - France.

Grow Dark in Bisaurrin Peak & Agüerri Peak.

valley of Linza. Acherito Peak.

The lights and the shades.

Canyon of Añisclo.Vellós River.

High valley of Aisa.

High valley of Aisa.

Stormy Dawn.

Ordesa valley.

Valley of Ordesa.

The Fraucata - Valley of Ordesa

Lake of Blackberry Bases.

Meconopsis cambrica

Campanula patula

Gernium phaeum

Geum rivale

Adonis vernalis

Midi of Ossau - Ossau Valley - Hautes-Pyrénées - France.

Espolón Gallinero Peak


Scarabaeus sacer

P.N. de Ordesa y Monte Perdido. (Huesca) España.

A_IP.N. de Ordesa y Monte Perdido. (Huesca) España.MG_0777

Pineta Valley. (Huesca) Spain.

Faballón Peak. Valley of Gállego river. (Huesca) Spain.

Valle de Guarrinza. (Huesca)

Ibón de La Basa Mora. Gistain Valley (Huesca) Spain.

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