zuiko RF 42/2.8 cleaning

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mark_hahn, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. I was out shooting my Olympus ECR and have somehow picked up a light colored
    fleck in between the lens and shutter (old adhesive?)... well, it is ruining
    photos. If I tap the camera it will fall to the edge of the inner barrel, but
    obviously, not ideal and I want to fix it. On a worthless camera I got for free
    I'm not considering paying for service.

    Just looking for a advice on cleaning the lens (I think it's the same as all the
    others in the Oly series of RF's). Specifically, if I remove the front
    retaining ring, will the lens elements drop out so I can blow out shutter area
    and get that fleck out? If not, should I try removing the rear elements and
    blowing out from the rear?

    Thanks for all help and advice! I really want to get this camera back in
    reliable service.
  2. I'm not sure exactly, but on my 35RC, it seems like it should be disassembled from the back, and may require the top plate to be removed as well.
  3. Anytime you disturb lens elements there is a chance that on reassembly you wont get them back in exactly the same position. That would ruin the camera. So I'd think carefully whether you want to take the risk. Your question would be better asked in the Classic Camera Repair forum.
  4. where is the Classic Camera Repair forum?

    In older metal cameras the lenses can usually be taken apart fairly easily... just the compact design and plastic parts scare me a little in this one. I know there is a risk, that's why I'm trying to get advice from someone who has done it. :)

    If I end up ruining it, I think I'll just spend the $8 it will cost to get another. The camera is very fun... kind of how I hoped a small digital would be, but isn't. The ECR is lovely, simple, fast acting and produces great results.
  5. ok, I joined and posted there.

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