Zuiko Auto-1:1 Macro Lens 80mm f/4

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  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know what the difference is between these version of the Olympus 80mm macro lens?
    1. ZUIKO MC AUTO-1:1 MACRO 1:4 f=80mm (100xxx, 102xxx, 103xxx, 104xxx)
    2. ZUIKO AUTO-1:1 MACRO 80mm 1:4 (105xxx, 107xxx, 108xxx, 109xxx, 110xxx, 112xxx, 114xxx, 115xxx, 116xxx, 117xxx, 118xxx)
    Zuiko Auto-1:1 Macro 80mm f/4 – Olympus OM Bellows Macro Lenses

    In particular I'm wondering if the second set of versions are multi coated lenses? Because the second version listed doesn't have the MC designation in the name, so did Olympus just leave the MC designation off because all lenses after a certain date were multicoated, or are those set of lenses actually single coated.
  2. There is no difference.
    Olympus just dropped the MC designation after 82 or thereabouts.

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