Zuiko 135mm f/3.5 disassembly

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  1. I just got a 135/3.5 with mild fungal growth on the rear element. I was wondering what it would take to access the rear element to clean it. The fungus doesn't look bad enough to have done any real damage and it isn't evident looking through the view finder. It is evident enough if you look through the rear of the lens though.
    I figure for $20 I might as well give it a go cleaning/fixing it. Thanks.
  2. Hello Matthew.
    I have cleaned lens fungus off both sides of a 2X magnifier lens attachment. Here is the process I used. Perhaps it might work for you.
    1. Remove the lens from the camera. 2. Use a Hurricane blower to blow loose dust off the lens surface. 3. Use soft hair brush (not your regular lens brush, an 'extra' one) to gently brush the surface and brush away any clinging dust or grit. (discard this brush when done, you do not want to spread fungi to other lens). 4. Get a box of Zeiss Lens Cleaning Napkins, available 50 per box at Walmart. They cost about $2.50 for box of 50. These are lint-free napkins pre-moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Open one of the napkin packs and unfold it. You will need to clean the rear element with the Zeiss napkin. You might have to fold the napkin in half, do that twice, and then use it to carefully wipe the lens surface using a circular motion. Use a bit more pressure to clean off the fungus traces than you would normally use to clean off regular lens dirt. When you think its ready, hold it up to a light and take a good look and see if this worked OK.
    good luck!
  3. The following link has a lot of useful information about lens/camera repair, and is specific to the OM line. Section C5 specifically addresses fungus, but isn't very comprehensive. Worth bookmarking though.
  4. It is going to require disassembly unfortunately. There is fungus on all the elements looking closer (the rear element has it on the inside, not outside).
    I'll try the cold cream and denatured alcohol if/when I attempt to disassemble.
  5. I have had a similar probelm with my 135mm lens and I opened it (carefully) and cleaned the glass surfaces. I started at the rear, which required removing the back screws and then carefully taking apart the back assembly. The front elements were more difficult to get to so I left those in place, and cleaned them by reaching in. It was fairly straight forward once you started, but I would advise cautious and careful handling.
  6. Good to know, thanks! I'll probably get a 2nd one if for no other reason then it is so cheap, but in the mean time I'll try disassembly and cleaning. Thanks.
  7. Speaking of, how did you go about opening it? Is it just the 3 steel screws on the back? Or are there more screws as you open it up further? The smallest screw driver head I have fits the 3 steel screws on the back, but nothing smaller. Am I going to need something smaller then that to actually get it apart?
  8. I remember the three screws at the back, a jewellers phillips head or flat head as enough...
  9. Okay, thanks. I have jewlers flat head, but not philips head (my philips is for a 'big size' set, I think it might be #0 size, but it could be #1 sized, nothing smaller).
  10. Most Zuiko lenses are constructed similarly.
    I've had apart 200/4, 65-200/4, 135/3.5, 50/1,8 and some more I don't remember.
    On 135 you need to remove the lens mount, then aperture stop down mechanism (fairly easy).
    Then try to unscrew the whole rear group of lenses. It's usually just screwed in to some holder just behind the diaphragm. Then you can disassemble and clean the read group.
    If I remember correctly, on the front you need to remove the name ring, then take out individual lens elements.
    (disclaimer: last time I saw a 135 was more than 2 years ago)
    For fungus I use hydrogen peroxide - so far sucessfully cleaned every fungus infection I've seen.
  11. Ondrej "Spyderman" - I have a Zuiko 65-200/4 which has a couple of fungus spots in the front element.
    Can you give me any tips on how to get into the front of the lens...?
    I have tried to loosen the front ring but it is very tight and won't easily move. Am I doing this right by trying to undo this ring (between the ring with the writing and the sliding hood)...?
    Any help is much appreciated...!

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