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  1. Everyone has his one definition of "classic camera." One of my favorites is a 1954 Zorki 1D camera (Leica II copy). I used it and a Jupiter 12, 35mm lens to shoot this photo on Tri-X film.
  2. Wayne, I've been visiting your page: Very interesting. I'm a lover of soviet cameras too. Have a Zorki 1 (Leica copy) and a beloved Zorki 3 (05607). The Zorki 1 is always fitted with the Jup.12 and sometimes with a Canon 35 mm finder, the Zorki 3 with all my Leica or Canon lenses, including, off course a Jup.8. Here is a shot made last week with the Leica (Zorki) and Jup.12 400 TX D-76 (1:1)
  3. Why not another one?
  4. Yep, the Zorki 1 is great compliment to the original Barnack concept for 35mm photography and it's affordable.
  5. I certainly agree with you Wayne.

    A Zorki 1 with a collapsible lens is a fine, "carry it in your pocket and take it everywhere" camera.
  6. I have a nice Zorki 3M that I enjoy using. Probably the most user friendly model is the Zorki 6, which has a hinged back and lever film advance. Like the Z3 the Z6 has a decent viewfinder.

    I usually shoot Z1s with the wide angle J-12 because I like the dept of fiel and it keeps my eye away from the vewfinder on the camera which has a metal ring and scratches the hell out of the plastic lenses of my glasses!

    There's an interesting story in a Russian newspaper about Oleg, a guy who collects and repairs old FSU gear. I can't read Russian but have dealt with Oleg and it's nice to put a face with the name.

  7. The Zorki 3M is certainly quite a nice shooter but it is somewhat larger than the Zorki 1 and not so easy to slip into a coat pocket.

    In favor of the Zorki 3 are the improved rangefinder/viewfinder and the simpler loading that comes with a removeable back.

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