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  1. Have you ever tried to clean up the inner glass elements of Zorki Multifinder? http://www.zenitcamera.com/mans/vu/vu.html
    I can not find where the hell is little metal cylinder goes to, which must sit together with 2 glass elements.
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  2. I have one, and it does have a few specs of dirt, and dust inside. But since it won't effect my photos, I decided not to take it apart. I learned this the hard way, as I have a few "project" cameras, and other things that I took apart way to fast with out paying enough attention to where every thing lives. Matbe some thing here http://www.butkus.org/chinon/
  3. I tried straitening out the frame-lines on mine but could not get the mask out without possibly damaging the lenses. So I left it as-is. Sorry.
  4. Opening the finder from the front gives access only to the frame-line mask. Somewhat unintelligently, it is held in place by friction, with a small locking ring that can get loose.
    The little metal cylinder of which you speak comes out when the finder is opened from the rear. As you clearly do not remember how it was, your best bet is to try to put it (and the prisms) in in different ways until you find the right way.
  5. Ed & Rick, thank you very much for you response.
    In case you decide to clean it up anyway, you will be surprised how easy and simple this viewfinder made. All you need to do is remove 3 tiny bolts from the back panel where the actual viewfinder window sits on. You can remove only 2 bolts and slide panel to any side. Make sure you stick the other bolts to the magnet )) From there you will see first glass element, memorize the way it sits, remove it, and look where and how metal cylinder sits (I didn't pay attention to this) after you will see second glass element, remove it. Clean it with a lens cleaning cloth. Clean up the bottom element that sits close to the barrel. Re-attach all bits back. Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.
    Kind regards
  6. Thanks Mikul!!
    The thing is, i have relocated prisms and cylinder a lot of different ways. To find the combination of prisms is not a problem but the cylinder doesn't make sense at all!! At last, i managed to fit cylinder - i don't know if it's right or wrong position. After screwing bolts back i can hear little noise if i shake multifinder. If you shake yours , does it make any noise?
  7. If it shakes about, Dmitri, it is probably not correctly installed.
  8. Sorted. Thanks to Murray Kelly

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